Summer as light as a feather

You will find any possibility of summer activity, sport, fun, or adventure here in Mellau. Regardless of whether you are an adult or child, big or small, old or young, Mellau offers something for everybody…

Hiking and cable cars

Along rushing rivers, over gorgeous Alps to unseen views. Over a stretch of 2000 km, one can experience the fauna and flora of the Bregenzerwald. Mellau lies at the foot of a large and beautiful mountain called “Kanisfluh”.

Rafting, cannoning and swimming

Rafting, cannoning and swimming are all activities that come naturally with the countless rivers and waterfalls along the river “Bregenzerach”. The public swimming pool in the heart of Mellau promises fun between the end of May – beginning of September.

Biking for pleasure

Mellau lies directly in the middle of the bicycle lane going from Egg to Schoppernau. An ideal starting point for all those who prefer relaxed cycling.

You didn’t bring your bicycle? No problem – in June 2014 the various villages stared a bicycle hiring system that leaves nothing to be desired. You are even offered the possibility of renting a bike in one area and dropping it off in another.

Cycling and Mountain biking

Biking trails in the Bregenzerwald offer everything an enthusiast could ask for: beautiful views and different landscapes can be found alongside all routes. Ride through the unique area and enjoy the possibility of ending up at a beautiful viewpoint or a quaint mountain hut for refreshment.

Nordic Walking

Looking for a full body workout? Then please join us on one of our Nordic-walking tours. Enjoy summer in synchronisity with nature and discover beautiful places in the surrounding areas.


Play golf on a course that is delicately embedded into the unspoiled landscape. The golf course has beautiful groves, rivers and mounds and can be described as a unique place in the heart of the Bregenzerwald.


Due to its purity and the clean water, the river going through Mellau is ideal for fishing. Trout are the main fish to be caught here. Day permits are for sale.

Aqua high wire sailing, adventure hiking, hollow tours

For the brave and adventurous amongst our guests, the active centre in Mellau has a range of exciting adventure offers.



Explore the Bregenzerach with a canoe, trust the water and become one with the river. After a playful, yet informative briefing you are prepared for a refreshing adventure in the water.


Let yourself be enchanted! Experience the passion for paragliding in the flying school Bregenzerwald. Get to know Mellau from a new point of view up in the air and enjoy the amazing view.

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